RoHs Compliant Certified Company

We are one of the largest independent distributors of components in the United States with over 30,000 line items in stock. We want to let you know that our company is ONE of just a very few who can offer you RoHs Compliant Lead Free IC'S with little or NO lead time, even if the factory is quoting you 40-99 week delivery. We are able to take the LEAD product and remove the LEAD to make this product LEAD FREE and we provide a RoHs Compliant Certificate. We are also 1 of just a couple company's who can also provide BGA (Ball Grid Array) chips LEAD FREE with little or no lead time.

We notice that most Manufactures like Xilinx, Altera, Motorola, HP who sell LEAD Free BGA chips but cannot produce any quantities, also having very long lead times. We are able to take the Lead BGA product that is currently on the market and remove the lead balls then replace them with lead free balls. We offer the normal manufacture warranty even after we make the product lead free. DO NOT PAY the high prices of lead free BGA chips that are difficult to get on the market. Just call us and we can help.
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