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BGA Reball Process

Most BGAs can be reballed if the removal and attachment is handled properly. The heat required to remove, reball or place a BGA is high enough that excess moisture trapped in the component package can cause the BGA to “popcorn” during any part of this process. Therefore, in order to increase quality of rework, proper care should be taken when it is determined that BGA rework is necessary.

Reballed BGA
Amor Electronics recommends the following:

If the BGA needs to be removed and reballed, the entire board should be baked before the BGA is removed. This dries out the component and eliminates moisture that can cause the BGA or board itself to delaminate or “popcorn”. The baking process is done at 125 degrees Centigrade for 24 hours. Lower baking temps can be accommodated with longer baking times. Always bake the board to removing the Ball Grid Array if the BGA is to be reballed and reused.

After baking, the BGA can be removed per the BGA rework process that observes manufactures rework temperature guild lines. Amor Electronics’s Process Engineer has 9 years of experience in setting up thermal profiles to remove BGAs and Amor Electronics will be happy to remove components from boards or assist you with the technical aspects of the process.

The BGA (and PCB) must then be site dressed to remove all excess solder. For BGAs requiring reballing, this is an important step because care must be taken not to damage the BGA itself and to ensure that no popcorning has occurred. After the BGA has been prepared, Amor Electronics can then add solder spheres based on pad site size and manufacturers specs.

The BGA is then cleaned and is ready for placement.
Amor Electronics’s core competency is to place BGAs, so we can either place the BGA for our customers or send back for future use.
Amor Electronics has the ability to reball many different types of components including CBGA, PBGA, TBGA as well as others. Please note that CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array) cannot be “reballed” as the technology used in them is not solder spheres but ceramic columns.

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